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About Us

  • We are a team of kitesurfers who enjoy not only the riding part, but the whole lifestyle that comes with it. We love the social aspect of the sport, traveling to different places in the world, we want to be fit and healthy, and we want to share this with other people and help them achieve their goals.  
    To be fit enough to achieve our goals in kitesurfing, we combine our kite-training with fitness training, swimming, yoga, stand up paddleboarding , and all other activities we are presented with and that enhance our personal well-being, perception, mobility, strength and that are fun! Our coaching can be done in English, French, German and even in the well known language of Luxembourgish, so get in on your very personalised coaching trip!
  • We organize coaching holidays in different locations in the world. These trips include kitesurf coaching for beginners and advanced kitesurfers, fitness training to train our core muscles that we need to improve our tricks in the air and to prevent injury and training about healthy nutrition that our body needs to become strong and to feel good. The focus on these trips will be on kitesurfing, but every location we visit has different activities and adventures to offer and we will benefit of all those and include them in our program.

    Our coaching sessions always involve foto and video teaching, as watching ourselves helps us improve our skills and take good memories home. Kitesurf coaching will be done with a BKSA qualified instructor and Fitness sessions will be taught by a certified Personal Trainer. In addition, in all the locations that we choose for our trips, we will be working together with other qualified staff for all activities.
  • The answer is: everyone! No previous knowledge or skills in any of our activities are required, we can work with beginners and advanced people in kitesurfing and fitness.
Crosskite offers Kitesurf-Coaching holidays in different locations in the world, and our trips focus on kitesurfing but also include fitness, yoga, healthy nutrition and lots of fun!